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Quilting Service
I've had so many customers whom have found quilt tops stored away that their mothers or grandmothers have made and they wanted them completed, so I came up with a basic charge for this service.

1. $15.00 for the backing if I use cotton broadcloth or muslin.
2.  Batting will be charged at the price I have to pay for it.
3.  $7.00 a square foot quilting for simple, large templates or for 4" space edge-to-edge work.
4.  $8.00 a square foot quilting for in-the-ditch quilting.  Which means I follow the quilt pattern square by square.
5.  $9.00 a square foot quilting for more detailed, complicated templates or heirloom quilting.
6.  $15.00 will be added if quilt top is not pressed.
7.  All binding or hemming is included square foot cost.
8.  All insured postage and handling will be paid by Custom Handmade Quilts.
9.  There will be a $150.00 material cost up front.  I accept money orders and personal checks only.  Personal checks will have to clear the bank before work will begin.  When quilt is completed customer will be notified by e-mail or priority mail and balance of quilt will be due.  Customer will have 30 days from notification that quilt is completed to pay balance or contact me.  If balance is not paid within 30 days customer relinquishes all right to quilt.  $150.00 material cost is non refundable.