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Custom Handmade Quilt     |    
I have always had a rate for queen size quilt that ranges from $750.00 to $1000.00.  This range varies so much because of the different quilting templates to use.  Naturally the larger and simpler templates makes the quilt cheaper in price, where the more detailed templates, heirloom work, and detailed small designed templates makes the quilt higher in price.  Price of the quilt is happily quoted to the customer at no charge through e-mail.  The only quilts I have had that were not in this range were baby quilts, which naturally are cheaper, and quilts I do hand embroidery work on, which are more expensive.
Money orders
Personal Checks
Personal checks will have to clear the bank before I start the project.  I require $250.00 up front with order for material cost and to be insured Im not wasting my time.  
When quilt is finished customer will be notified by e-mail and priority mail and balance on quilt will be due before quilt will be shipped.  Customers will have 30 days to pay balance or contact me or customer will relinquish all rights to quilt.  The $250.00 up front material cost is nonrefundable.