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Ordering Custom Made Quilt
How To Order A Custom Made Quilt
Ordering a custom made quilt may seem overpowering at first but just think of it as decorating a room.  The finished product of course will be uniquely you.
Lets get started.
1.  Your choose in colors.  This can be done several ways.  If you have material already or wish to purchase the material for the top yourself I will give you the yardage you will need.  I prefer to supply the backing myself since I buy it in bolts and can get a better deal that way. If you have a sample color or a general color you wish to have the quilt made from I will do my best to come as close to the color and scheme (flowers, blocks, stripers, solids, ect.) as possible that you wish.  All material supplied by me will be 100% cotton unless otherwise requested.  To brouse fabrics from an on line fabric store click the choosing fabric link above.
Choose your backing:  I usually work with 100% cotton broadcloth or 100% muslin.
Choose your batting and how thick you want your quilt:  Batting types are poly, cotton-poly, cotton.
Thickness types are:  Low, normal, thick, extra thick.
2.  Choose your quilt pattern.  This is the design of your quilt.  Many or listing on the quilt pattern page.  This is only a few of the patterns I have, but seem to be the most popular.  If you don't see the pattern you want and know the name please e-mail me and I`ll see if I have it or can find it.  If you wish to view a sample of a certain quilt e-mail me and I`ll send you a picture if I have one available.  Im hoping to include this in my web site when I become a little better with using a computer and scanner.
3.  Choose a quilting template.  This is the pattern my stitches will follow when I am quilting the quilt.  There are many to choose from including for borders, but it you don`t see something you like I can use an idea from you or try to draw you a customized one just for your quilt.

After these 3 steps have been done I can begin work on your very on personal quilt.